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whitehouse “retrofit ramp-up”

Vice President Biden announced an additional $452 million to ramp up energy retrofit projects. The money has been divided among 25 states and non-profits. The press release states “existing techniques and technologies in energy efficiency retrofitting can reduce energy use by up to 40 percent per home and lower total associated greenhouse gas emissions by up to 160 million metric tons annually.” At Common Ecology, we believe we can do even better than 40% reductions. Drop us a line and schedule a Holistic Home Evaluation to learn more!

Baltimore’s CivicWorks EnergyReady service corps applies Cool Roofs

EnergyReady applies Cool Roofs, an Energy Star approved white roofing system that lasts longer than traditional tar roofing and deflects the sun’s heat. A Cool Roof does not require the disposal of the old tar roof and it significantly reduces heat transfer to the interior of the building, reducing summertime energy demand. In addition to providing energy efficiency retrofit services, the program helps to grow Baltimore’s green economy and creates local living wage jobs.

baltimore green week! ECOFEST this saturday, the 17th, at druid hill park

Noon-6 p.m. at Druid Hill Park

Baltimore Green Week’s kick off event, EcoFest, invites local food vendors, growers, businesses and organizations that maintain a sustainable focus.  There will be plenty of activities happening so use this opportunity to try something new like yoga, take a bike ride around the reservoir, dance or sing along to June Star and the Frontier Dentists or take a moment to enjoy a back massage.

FREE trees from TreeBaltimore!

TreeBaltimore is giving FREE trees again! Listed are April’s upcoming events.

  1. Patterson Park Charter School, 04/13/10 from 6-8
  2. Eddie’s of Roland Park, 04/20/10 from 10-2
  3. Dickey Hill Elementary, 04/22/10 from 10-noon
  4. Walter P. Carter ES and Rec Center, 04/23/10 and 04/24/10 from 9-noon
  5. Collington Square Park, 04/30/10 at 11 am

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